ISTM Awardees

Name of Award Name of the selected candidate Title of presentation
J. G. Jolly Award Dr Brijesh kumar Yadav   Prevalence of inhibitors in haemophilia ‘A’ patient: An experience from a tertiary care centre in northern India’
V.L.Ray Memorial Award    
Young Scientist Award Dr Satyam Arora
Dr Gopal Patidar
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Postgraduate Student Award
(Travel Fellowship)
Dr Ashwin K Vaidya
Dr Bhuvandeep Dhawan
Role of Thromboelastography in diagnosing and managing sepsis induced coagulopathy in critically ill patients. 
Impact of donor characteristics on in vitro hemolysis of packed Red Blood Cell concentrates during storage.
Technologist Award  Mahua Reddy Severe ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn with high titer anti A

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